Firewood in the Melbourne Northern Suburbs

Firewood in the Melbourne Northern Suburbs

Firewood has been the material of choice for mankind for thousands of years. At Whittlesea H Hardware, we are proud to offer natural and sustainable firewood in the Melbourne northern suburbs, including Doreen and Kinglake. Whether you want to heat your interior areas during the cold winter months or cook delicious foods outdoors during the warmer months, our firewood products can meet your needs.

Types of Firewood in Melbourne

You should be aware that not all firewood is the same. For example, hardwood burns longer and hotter while softwood is easier to light on fire but exhausts more quickly. Meanwhile, seasoned firewood minimises residue and chimney blockages, while unseasoned firewood is better used outside for fire pits and water stoves.

Additionally, there are many different types of firewood to choose from. Some of our available varieties of firewood in the Melbourne northern suburbs include peppermint gum and messmate, which offers great heat and burn time. This burns at one count lower on an available heat scale than redgum firewood and is available at a competitive price.

The Many Uses of Firewood in Melbourne

People use firewood for many different domestic and commercial purposes, some of which include:

  • A source of heat for indoor areas and backyards
  • Outdoor camping and cooking activities
  • Block pests in your yard and remove unpleasant pet odours
  • Ashes can be used as a garden fertiliser or to polish dull metal
  • More creative uses include creating side tables, candle holders and bookends

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